White Collar Offenses


James PayneIn times of recent economic stress, many business and professional men and women find themselves struggling with financial pressures that have landed them under the scrutiny of a prosecution for what is known as "white-collar" crimes.   You may find yourself a defendant in state or federal court.  The authorities take the position that these offenses have significant implications that can cost the country billions of dollars every year. As a result, law enforcement has poured a great deal of resources and money to investigate and prosecute white-collar crimes. Courts are cracking down on white-collar crimes and issuing serious sentences to those charged with these types of crimes.

White-collar crimes include professional men and women who may be charged with other serious crimes occurring in the course of their professional conduct.  These alleged offenses are offenses of “status” or “high-profile” cases.  For instance, if you are a public or elected official, or a law enforcement officer, you will find in Mr. Payne a defender who has stood beside professional citizens who have come under the scrutiny of public attention.  You need a lawyer who has the experience to advocate for you not only in the courtroom but in the public arena as well.

If you have been charged with a white-collar crime you need an advocate of Mr. Payne's caliber immediately. Attorney Payne's decisive and tireless action for you is vital. If you are under investigation -- though not formally "charged" -- for any such crime, you must retain counsel without delay. You must have a lawyer who can immediately step forward for you and, ideally, avoid criminal prosecution altogether.  It is imperative for you to have an attorney who is familiar with how these types of cases are handled, not only in court but behind the scenes as well.  Many times Mr. Payne's greatest victories are in investigations that never result in formal charges.  A strong defense in the white-collar arena comes from fully understanding this oftentimes complex and intricate area of the law.