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WWAY: Payne representing Defendant Montey Murray and quoted in article, "Victim's mother testifies at Montey Murray trial"
April 07, 2015

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- Testimony continues in the trial of the man accused of killing his then-girlfriend's son.

Investigators said Montey Murray killed Jaronn McAllister, 3. On the stand Wednesday, Jaronn's mohter, Candice Young, said the pair had a father-son relationship, and that Murray was a father figure to Jaronn McAllister.

"Did he buy him things. Yes," said Young. "Did he do things for him. Yes."

Young's neighbor also took the stand for the prosecution. She said Murray went to her house when Jaronn was unresponsive.

"That's when he says he won't wake up," said the neighbor. "I said what? He won't wake up?" Young's neighbor said Murray then went to get the boy. "He comes out with Jaronn in his hands and Jaronn is just laying down, limp."

She said the three of them rushed to the hospital and that Murray calls Young on the way.

"Montey is talking to Candice on the phone and I yell, 'Candice, he's not breathing.'" said the neighbor.

Jaronn is pronounced dead soon 15 minutes after he gets to Brunswick Novant Medical Center.

Investigators say Murray then left the hospital and later led law enforcement on a chase down US 17.

An autopsy shows the child died of blunt force trauma to the abdomen, which damaged his liver.

Murray's defense attorney made a motion for a mistrial, saying he was concerned about the witnesses being bias. That motion was denied.

They will be back in session Thursday morning at 9:30.