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From WWAY News: A death penalty case in Brunswick County
March 08, 2013

From WWAY News: A death penalty case in Brunswick County

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A death penalty case in Brunswick County ended today before it began. Carl Alston, charged with the kidnapping, rape and murder of of a Leland mother more than four years ago pleaded guilty after four days of jury selection.

Burns's remains were found in the trunk of her burnt out car in July 2008. Her family says she was disabled from a drunk driving accident making her unable to fight off Alston.

On the July 2008 night he killed Burns, 49, Alston said he hitchhiked to a Wilmington sex shop and then to the Burger King near the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge. The District Attorney says Burns was driving home from a downtown Wilmington bar, but investigators still are not clear on how she and Alston connected.

"What we do know, two hours and 45 minutes after leaving this bar, her car is on fire, and she is in it," DA Jon David said.

Even after a DNA test proved Alston raped Burns, he never confessed to the crimes. It was not until he told cellmates in two different prisons that he admitted to what he did.

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