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From Star NewsOnline: D.A. to seek death penalty for Adams
September 13, 2012

From Star NewsOnline: D.A. to seek death penalty for Adams

Prosecutors officially declared their intention to seek the death penalty against a serial rapist suspected of killing a young mother in a fit of rage, the last of several alleged crimes that riveted Wilmington.

The announcement, made during a formal hearing in New Hanover County Superior Court on Thursday, raises the stakes in what is sure to be a harrowing courtroom drama as lawyers wage an aggressive fight over the fate of the suspect, Andrew Bernard Adams.

Adams, 56, is expected to stand trial over allegations he bludgeoned 24-year-old Latricia Scott with a hammer and then buried her corpse in a shallow grave in his backyard in January. Police arrested Adams after detectives unearthed the body and found a cooler near his home that contained bloody clothing and pillow cases.

Adams, whose strong cheek bones, shaved head and broad shoulders give him a somewhat unsettling appearance, shuffled into the fourth-floor courtroom, his wrists and ankles bound by chains and cuffs, as Scott’s family teemed the front row. Some wore T-shirts emblazoned with Scott’s portrait, sitting quietly as an assistant district attorney formally told a seated judge that prosecutors planned on pursuing capital punishment.

Adams’ is a bizarre case with numerous twists and turns...

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