Firm Story

The story of the W. James Payne Law Firm begins with Mr. Payne’s graduation from law school and passing the bar in 1984.  In 1985, First Lieutenant Payne, United States Marine Corps, stationed in Okinawa, Japan was already defending the criminally accused in his representation of service members in Courts-Martial and administrative discharge proceedings. By 1987, Mr. Payne’s military career had transitioned from active duty to a very busy career in the Marine Reserves when he began his civilian career of defending the criminally accused.

In 1989, Mr. Payne was admitted to the Federal Court Bar and expanded his practice of defending the criminally accused to the federal arena. By 1993, Mr. Payne had developed the reputation of a skilled defense attorney and a practice solely devoted to the defense of the criminally accused.

Mr. Payne has defended his clients in State, Federal and Military courts. He has successfully defended all manner of criminal charges from simple assault to countless death penalty murder cases.   In the white-collar arena Mr. Payne has delivered this experience to citizens charged with such offenses as embezzlement, insurance fraud, crop fraud, “Clean Water Act” violations, and tax fraud. He has extensive experience representing the criminally accused in State court, United States District Court, the United States Court of Appeals and Military Courts-Martial.

As Mr. Payne’s skilled defense of clients in State and Federal courts continued to grow and develop, so did his defense of the military accused. His military career became focused primarily in the area of Military Defense. Mr. Payne’s 30 year career in the Marine Corps Reserves not only provided him with the experience and understanding to successfully defendaccused service members and discourse with convening authorities at the Flag rank, but also demonstrated his willingness and ability to go anywhere in the world to defend his client in the only way a Marine can–aggressively and honorably.

Mr. Payne’s vast experience provides you a tireless warrior completely at ease defending you whether that be in a prosecutor’s office, convening authority’s office, or, more importantly a courtroom.  Mr. Payne stands ready to defend your rights against criminal prosecution at any time in any place.