"I want to thank you and your firm for all the assistance in my … charge. You were clear and concise about every step taken through this whole process. … [My charge was]… a serious matter and could have landed me a lot of jail time. … I always knew that you would do what was best for me. I was able to escape … [the harsh punishment I could have received]. It's all because of your decisions and professionalism in the court room that has gained you a great reputation. I'm glad I chose you to represent me! A big shout out to Savannah for answering all my emails!  Thank you Mr. Payne …!"

-D.P 2014


"Our family would like to thank Mr. Payne and his staff for all the hard work on our case this year. The desired outcome was achieved and it was due to the research they put forth on the law, the knowledge of what steps we needed to take to put us in the best light possible, as well as the defense strategy Mr. Payne employed during the hearing. We are most grateful and ready to move forward from this difficult time. Thank you again."

JB 2014



 I cannot begin to say how grateful I am to you and your staff. As you know, facing two very difficult trials, put me at one of the lowest points in my life. You and your staff were not only caring and nurturing through this process but aggressive for my defense. I truly needed that during this hardship. Thank you for being there for every concern and every phone call. Most of all thank you for giving me my life back with a dismissal of all charges."

J.J. 2014 


"I have found Attorney W. James.Payne to be an extremely hard worker, thorough and most importantly an ethical attorney who not only knows the law but practices it at the highest level.

What Mr.Payne says, he does, and he fully and completely represents his clients and is not satisfied until their needs, and wishes are achieved fully and completely. He is very detailed oriented. He constantly and completely represents his clients as if his own life or innocences depends on it. Therefore, one need not worry about the defense that is being provided as he will not rest until he finds a solution to your legal battle and your wishes are met.

I count myself completely fortunate to have met and have Mr. Payne to represent me. There is no other attorney in the State of North Carolina that I know that seeks the truth as assiduously as Mr. Payne."

L. H 2014



"Thank you so much for all your help with my recent legal matters.  I greatly appreciate that time and time again you walked me through all the details of my case and your strategy, You patiently walked me through all the possible outcomes that I may face so that I would be well-prepared for the day of trial.  While I knew you had many other clients, I always felt like you gave me and my case your undivided attention. I was always graciously welcomed by your staff and your care for me not just as a client but as a person. I felt comfortable coming to you at anytime with questions and had full knowledge that you would answer them with promptness. This was the first time with legal matters, and your patience and care was great comfort to me.  The way you went above and beyond for me is greatly appreciated.  Any one with legal matters should know that they will be in the best of hands with you as their lawyer."

S.S. 2014


"To Mr. James Payne:

Thank you so much for all your help in my legal matter and for every time we talked you always asked about my wife and my kids! I thank you for caring about me as a person and not just another client.  Thanks for all the research that your people went through to help me to return to my family and church. The firm there will always be special to me and my family and others who want and need someone who will care for them like family then they need to come to your firm just as we did.  God Bless  and Merry Christmas !!!!!"

P.L. 2013